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How we make your party awesome!


We have Gymnastics and Ninja themed parties, so that boys and girls of all ages, and with any skill level can join the fun!  Our parties include games, obstacle courses, swinging, jumping, climbing, hanging and every sort of physical challenge! 

Our highly trained gymnastics coaches will make this the best party your child has ever had. They take care of running the games, supervising time on the equipment, helping with skills and challenges and keeping the kids moving! Our coaches know how to help kids have fun and keep them SAFE! 


With an EKGA party, your child is the star of the show! You get exclusive use of the facility, and because we only ever have one party happening at a time, you can be confident that only you and your guests will have our undivided attention!

Our parties are all-inclusive. We provide the venue, the activities, the supervision, the hostess, the cook, the cleaner, the party food and even the goodie bags!  All you need to do is come along on the day - ready to party!

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