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Arrangements for School Age Classes (not including MAG 2-5 and WAG 2-10)

Dear Families of our SCHOOL AGE CLASSES,

· Girls and Boys Beginners and Levels Classes

· WAG Presquad / MAG Excel

· Ninja Zone /Trampoline / Tumbling / Teen Programs

· Gymstar Classes

As you can imagine our phones have been ringing off the hook today. As things develop we are trying to get some concrete information out to our gymnasts families.

With the planned closure for the next two weeks of term time (and two weeks of school holidays) we will still be able offer the same number of classes that you have paid for, the difference is the break times will change. Given the children will be having a 4-week break from classes now, we will only have one week breaks during the July and September school holidays to make up for it.

This means the following weeks will become part of our regular class schedule

· Monday the 29th of June through to Saturday 4th of July (one week added to end of Term 2)

· Monday the 28th of September through to Saturday 3rd of October (one week added to start of Term 4)


Term Two April 14th to July 4th

Term Three July 13th to September 19th

Term Four September 28th to December 19th

Fees for 2020 have been calculated on the following numbers of weeks of classes / sessions:

As you will see the overall number of classes your child will receive will remain the same, and as such there is no need to apply for credits for the missed classes. Any payments made for this fortnight’s will automatically be carried through.

We are formulating plans in case a longer closure period is required and will address that situation should it arise.

For families that rely on our School Holiday Program for childcare during the school holiday break, we are sorry that we will not be able to offer care throughout the April Holiday’s. We plan to be running two-weeks of Holiday Program in both the July and September holidays.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Gymnastics soon,

Christy Hemphill



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