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I would like to thank our families and gymnasts for being so patient and accommodating these past few months. Like most industries we have

experienced unprecedented staffing

shortages due to staff needing to isolate

for Covid or needing to stay away due to

flu-like symptoms. We know how much

children look forward to coming to class

and seeing their coach each

week and we know how disappointing it has been for the children when they have had replacement coaches on so many occasions. We also know how disappointing it has been when classes have had to be cancelled (sometimes with short notice), when there were literally no suitable coaches available to take a class. Never in the 17 years we have been

open have we had to cancel classes the way we have had to this year. We will continue to

do our very best to make sure all classes at EKGA continue to: Teach Gymnastics, Make it Fun, and that we Keep the kids SAFE. With the winter season soon upon us, it is impossible to

predict if this staffing nightmare will settle down or if this what “living with covid” will look

like, but we will ensure we have as much stability in the programs as possible.

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Best Wishes,


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