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Do you love doing saults, flips and vaults? TeamGym is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting sports in gymnastics.
TeamGym incorporates the following apparatus in a team competition:
- Floor
- Tumbling
- Single Mini Trampoline
All 3 apparatus are performed to music making it an exciting and engaging events for spectators and teams.   
Gymnasts compete in teams of 6-12 participants to showcase their skills and work together to provide performances that will have the audience on the edge of their seats. 


This class uses the Gymnasts floor, the sprung floor, the air track, tumble track and the double mini-trampolines . Tumblers work on developing the strength, flexibility and body actions for more complex skills like flips and handsprings.  These classes incorporate the floor, tumble trampoline and air-track where gymnasts learn correct landing and jumping techniques in addition to skills that will one day lead towards flips, handsprings and aerials.  Advanced classes are ideal for acrobats, cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts, as these classes provide an opportunity to further one’s skills, work to improve a specific element or achieve a new tumble whilst maintaining fitness and experiencing new skill success.

Advanced classes focus on saults, aerials, round-offs, back and front handsprings, whips connections and twisting elements. Our qualified coaches will work alongside your child to set goals and ensure the ongoing progression of skills.  Tumblers have the opportunity to compete in Inter-Club and Statewide tumbling competitions. 


Gymfit is a great program for Girls and Young Woman aged 12-18 years.

This class is a fitness class – so no gymnastics skills or “tricks”.  Lead by one of our experienced EKGA coaches the participants will work on improving their fitness, strength and flexibility through a range of conditioning activities.  The class will work on a range of circuits and stations.  The perfect way to use your gymnastics skills to keep fit, once you have decided you are done with gymnastics.

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