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​EKGA Awesome Challenge

The EKGA Awesome Challenge is our end of year competition that our Beginners and Levels classes can attend to show off their skills. 

The focus of the event is that every child enjoys competing in a fun & friendly environment to achieve their own personal best. Children perform the routines they have been learning on all the apparatus and are scored by a Judge.   

Children are allocated medals based on their performance, with all children going home with a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. 

It is one of the highlights on the EKGA Calendar each year. 


  • 9-10 November

  • 16-17 November 

Session times to be advised- watch this space! 

Open to: All School age classes - from Beginners to Level 7. 

Ninja Games
The Ninja Games are a competition where ninjas can showcase their skills, strength, agility, and creativity.  

With the combination of conquering an obstacle course and creating skill combinations, ninjas acquire points for each skill they attempt and complete.  Showcasing these tricks allows ninjas to overcome their nerves, direct their focus, obliterate obstacles, achieve their goals, and showcase their hustle!


November 23-24

Session times to be advised- watch this space! 
Open to: All levels- from Lil Ninjas to Blue level Ninjas.


03 9336 4077


194 Roberts Road Airport West, 3042

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