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Trampolining is the ultimate sport! 

Fly through the air, flip, spin, whip and tumble. 

Our trampoline classes work on the full-size Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline, Tumble Tramp, Foam pit and Tumbling floor. Classes utilise a circuit, so when the children are not on the main trampoline they are working on skills and drills that will help with their trampoline skills and develop fitness. 

Children progress through the levels, starting with rolls, jumps, positions, front and backdrops, and then turn these into advanced twisting and somersaulting skills. 

Our Tumbling classes work using the air track, sprung floor, gymnastics floor and tumble tramp, as well as the trampoline equipment.  Tumbling works on linking cartwheels, roundoffs, flips, whips and layouts in "tumbling passes" which can be done in competition or for fun. 

Whether your child wants to take on trampolining as a competitive sport, or you just want them to learn to use a trampoline safely - we have a program for you! 

Children without any previous experience start off in our Beginners classes and children with a Gymnastics background or extensive "backyard trampoline experience" may be assessed to start at a higher level.

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