Our trampoline classes work on the Olympic Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline, Tumble Tramp, Foam pit and Tumbling floor.  They are structured classes that work on a circuit, so when the children are not on the trampoline they are working on skills and drills that will help with their trampoline skills. The skills worked on in Beginner classes include basic rolls, jumps, positions, rotational drops, turns, twists and somersault progressions.

Our tumbling classes work using the air track, sprung floor, gymnastics floor and tumble tramp. Tumbling works on linking cartwheels, roundoffs, flips, whips and layouts in "tumbling passes" which can be done in competition or for fun. 

We put a special emphasis on fitness using the Trampoline and Tumbling equipment. The fun of trampolines encourages children to exercise willingly and sustain high activity levels that lead to increased cardiovascular health, leg and core strength, as well as burning energy.

More advanced classes are offered for backyard trampoline and tumbling enthusiasts, gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders and for the child that wants to move into competitive trampolining or any sport requiring aerial awareness.

Which Class:

We use age, ability and previous experience to determine where your child starts out. Book in for a trial class, which will include an assessment to determine the most appropriate class for your child.  

Our Trampoline and Tumbling classes are open to children from Grade 1 of Primary School and above.

Children attend one or two sessions per week and can choose to attend Trampoline class, Tumbling class or both.


Instructional and Competitive classes are available.   

Children have the opportunity to attend classes for fun and fitness or to work their way up to attending Interclub and State competitions.

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