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Come and try a class before booking in!

A trial class allows your child to participate in a class alongside the regular class participants. A trial gives you a chance to observe how our classes operate, gives your child a chance to meet the coaches and see what gymnastics is all about. It is the perfect way to find out if gymnastics is what your child wants to do. 


Which classes can we try?

Trials can be booked in Preschool Gymnastics (children not attending primary school) or Girls or Boys Beginners Gymnastics, or NinjaZone.  

How much is a trial?

The cost of a trial class is the cost of a single lesson.  For Preschool Gymnastics, Girls or Boys Beginners Gymnastics, or NinjaZone classes, this is $29.00.  The fee is payable at the time of booking. 


When can I book a trial?

Trials can only be booked 7 days in advance and only in classes that have a vacancy.  If no positions are available in your preferred class, you can ask to be put on the waiting list, and we will contact you when a place becomes available.

What to wear / bring for the trial class?

For girls a leotard is perfect if you one, otherwise gym shorts/leggings with a close-fitting t-shirt/singlet. 

For Boys gym shorts with a close-fitting t-shirt/singlet.

For Ninja classes a pair of socks is required. For all other classes bare feet are perfect.

Hair must be tied up and all jewellery removed.

Please have your child bring along a bottle of water with their name on it. No glass or ceramic bottles please.

You may like to read a social story about what happens in class with your child before your trial class. You can find our social stories HERE.

How to book a trial?

Click HERE to book a trial online or call us on 9336 4077 to book over the phone. You will receive an email to confirm your booking. 

If you need to reschedule your trial simply give us a call or shoot through an email.

How long do you hold my place for?

Booking a trial secures your place in that class as a one-off trial.  We then hold the position for 3-days after the class. This gives you time to discuss the experience with your child and contact us to make an ongoing booking. We cannot guarantee the position will still be available after the 3-day hold period

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