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Playnastics is a casual open play session using a selection of our Preschool Gymnastics

equipment and resources, as well as puzzles, blocks and more.

There is something for everyone, from crawlers to runners!

  • Trampolines to jump on. 

  • Low beams and benches to walk along.

  • Bars, ropes and rings to swing from.

  • Wedges and shapes to tumble over and roll down.

  • Ladders to climb up and slides to slide down.

  • Balls, hoops and ribbons.

Playnastics is a parent supervised, unstructured play program. EKGA Coaches are present to provide general supervision but do not supervise individual children or provide instruction. You supervise your child in the gym and viewing area.

playnastics at EKGA
Boy playing at playnastics EKGA

Session details

Wednesday 9.15-10.15am

Thursday 9.30-10.30am   


Suitable for

Children from crawling to four years of age.

How Much

Regular sessions are $17.00 (only $8.75 for non-walkers and babies not          participating are admitted free!). 

Sessions are casual - no need to book and commit to a block of sessions,                  just book in for the date you want to come along!

We are NOT currently accepting walk ins.

Everyone must register online and pre book.  


Come play with us!

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