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Intensive Gym Camp

Gym Camp

Our intensive “Gym Camps" are a three-day Gymnastics program,  where the Gymnasts receive almost the equivalent of an entire term of training in a single week.

These camps are perfect for Gymnasts who have been struggling with certain skills, for kids who just want to spend as much time in the gym as possible, and for Gymnasts who want to get a head start and progress faster. 

Every camp includes a FREE Level assessment on the final day.


Cost is $175 for 9-hours of training.  

Places are limited to 8 gymnasts per coach

Who can attend

Gym Camp is open to EKGA members, the general public and children on our waitlists. 

Children attending Grade Prep to Year 6 are eligible to able to attend.  Sorry, no Kinder Kids!

Gymnasts are grouped by Level and ability, to ensure they are working on the skills required for their level and program. 


03 9336 4077


194 Roberts Road Airport West, 3042

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