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At EKGA we run both Boys Beginner and Girls Beginner classes and have Beginner classes for both younger and older children. 

Our Beginners gymnastics classes are perfect for kids wanting to start out in Gymnastics.

In these classes, the children work on developing basic gymnastics techniques safely and with the correct technique, whilst having lots of fun!


The Beginner classes include basic tumbling skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and handstands on the mats, as well as working on the Bars, Beams, Vault, Rings and more!   

Gymnastics will help your child build coordination, balance, spatial awareness, core body strength, upper and lower body strength, flexibility and power, whilst developing self-confidence, resilience and determination.  

Whilst our Beginner class is non-competitive, gymnasts in these classes have the opportunity of participating in the in-house "EKGA AWESOME CHALLENGE" event in Term 4 each year. 

Start here, go ANYWHERE!

Once your child has mastered the skills required to complete the Beginners Program they are ready for their next challenge.  Children move up through the Girls or Boys Levels Classes.

Every child is different and the time taken to achieve each level varies depending on many factors.  Every quarter we conduct "Watch me weeks" where the coaches conduct a skill assessment on all of the gymnasts.  This ensures that gymnasts progress through the levels as soon as they are ready. 

Gymnasts showing an above-average skill level may be given the opportunity to "tryout" for our Competitive team program dependent on age, interests and ability.

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