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Welcome to EKGA Gymsports, where we proudly offer a range of gymnastics classes tailored to suit every child's needs. Our curriculum includes Boys Beginner and Girls Beginner classes, accommodating both younger and older children at the beginner level.

Our Beginner gymnastics classes serve as the perfect introduction to the world of gymnastics for aspiring young athletes. These engaging sessions provide a safe and fun environment for children to master fundamental gymnastics techniques while thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Throughout our Beginner classes, students will delve into the foundations of gymnastics, with a focus on cultivating secure and proper techniques. From forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands on the mats to comprehensive training on Bars, Beams, Vault, Rings, and more, our curriculum covers a wide spectrum of essential skills.


Beyond the physical aspects, gymnastics nurtures a host of valuable attributes in your child. From enhanced coordination, balance, and spatial awareness to the development of core body strength, upper and lower body prowess, flexibility, and power, these classes are a holistic journey towards growth. Moreover, as your child engages in gymnastics, they will build       self-confidence, resilience, and determination.


While our Beginner class maintains a non-competitive atmosphere, we're excited to share that participants have the chance to join our annual "EKGA AWESOME CHALLENGE" event in the fourth term of each year, adding a touch of friendly competition.


At EKGA, we believe in the philosophy of "Start here, go ANYWHERE!"

As your child completes the Beginners Program, they are for their next level of challenges. Progression unfolds through our Girls and Boys Levels Classes, offering a structured path to follow. Understanding that each child's journey is unique, we conduct regular "Watch me weeks," during which our coaches carry out skill assessments on all gymnasts. This proactive approach ensures that advancement through the levels occurs as soon as the child is prepared, fostering a personalized and supportive learning experience.

Trophies are awarded at the completion of each level! 

Join us at EKGA Gymsports, where your child's gymnastics journey begins with a strong foundation and endless possibilities ahead

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