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Social Stories

Social stories provide descriptions of situations or activities so that people know what to expect.  Research has shown that social stories assist children in:
● Coping with a change of routine and environment.
● Knowing what to expect

●Understanding social cues, emotions and expectations.
● Understanding expected behaviours.
● Transitions during the situation or activity.

Parents or caregivers can read the story to their child the day of their first class.  Ideally, the story is read right before you arrive in a quiet and calm area (e.g. the car).  If the parent or caregiver feels the child may need extra preparation, the social story can be read multiple times in the lead up to their first class.  The social story takes approximately 5-7 minutes to read through and his pictures of the gym and situations they may experience in class.

We have two social stories available:

  • Starting an Independent Preschool Class -Children going from a Parent Assisted 3&4 year-old's class to an Independent Kinder 4&5 year-old's class, or for children starting off at EKGA in an Independent 4-5 year-old's Group for the first time. 

  • Starting a School Age Beginners Gymnastics Class - Children moving from the Preschool Program to the school age Beginner Program or for children starting off at EKGA in a School Age class for the first time.


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