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Preschool Gymnastics 

At Preschool Gymnastics, you and your child will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities that play an important part in your child’s physical development.

We use play and exploration to help develop:

  • Perceptual-motor Skills

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Balance, directionality, visual perception, visual tracking, postural awareness

  • Locomotor skills including walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping

  • Non-loco motor skill such as: bending, twisting, pushing, climbing, pulling, lifting, turning and reaching

  • Communication skills: listening, observing and processing information

We include these developmental areas whilst working on specialised gymnastics skills such as forward rolls, swinging, jumping, landing, hanging, handstands, cartwheels and many other exciting gymnastic elements.

Which class to start in?

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2-3 Year olds ** Parent Assisted

Suitable for 2 and 3-year-olds.

3 and 4 Year olds (not yet at 4 year old Kinder) **Parent Assisted

Suitable for 3 and 4-year-olds

Children who have just turned 3 can choose either this class or the 2 & 3 Year old class.

4 and 5 Year Old Kinder Kids  **Independent 

Suitable for 4 and 5-year-olds who will be starting school the following year. Children must have turned 4 by 30th of April. For children who do not meet the cutoff, please enrol in our 3 & 4 Year olds class.

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Parent Involvement in Preschool Programs

Classes for children aged 2-4 who are not yet at 4-Year Old Kindergarten ARE parent-assisted classes.

Mum or Dad or another adult carer comes into the gym and actively assists the child during the lesson.

Our 4 & 5-Year-old Kinder classes are independent classes, where the adults observe the class from the viewing area.

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