The NinjaZone program combines:


  • The coordination from gymnastics

  • The strength and agility from obstacle course training

  • The creativity from freestyle movement or parkour

  • The discipline of martial arts


Children learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.  This fast-paced, fun new sport creates a solid foundation for success, based on important values and character-building techniques. 

Our specialist NinjaZone Coaches are trained by NinjaZone HQ in the USA, and love to help boys channel their impulsiveness and to focus their energy.   NinjaZone embodies discipline and focused energy, whilst having fun and developing new skills.  

A progressive level system evaluates and advances children.  The levels of NinjaZone are defined by the headband colours of White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple - with the boys completing "Mission ceremonies" in order to "Level up".

  • Our NinjaZone classes are open to Boys attending Primary school - from Grade Prep to Grade 6.

  • Our Lil' Ninja's classes are open to Boys attending 4-year-old Kinder



Ninja Zone is $26.50 per class - payable by fortnightly direct debit or in advance each school term.

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