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Not sure if your child wants to be a gymnast OR a dancer?  

Why not get the best of both worlds: Dance and Gymnastics in one class!

In each class the children work on:

  • Dance and Movement to Music

  • Gym skills (rolls, balances, basic acrobatics and body shapes)

  • Spatial awareness & coordination 

  • Hand-eye coordination & Gross motor skills such as (hopping, jumping, rolling)

As the classes progress the basic Ballet Positions are introduced and Handstand and Cartwheel development become a focus area.  All of this, combined with the fun of trampolines, bars, beams, rings, ropes and you have the perfect  all-around class.  Our kid-friendly coaches love working to help the children gain self-confidence, whilst building up strength and flexibility.  No costumes, no makeup, no pressure!

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Suitable for

4 and 5-year-olds who will be starting school in the following year. Children must have turned 4 by 30th of April.

What do the grown-ups do?

Twirling Tumblers is an independent class, where the adults observe the class from the viewing area.

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